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FCL Logistics keeps cargo moving with timely CBP Trade Enforcement Examinations and a full array of logistic warehouse services  with two locations near the Port of LA/LB and within the overweight corridor to ensure your success wherever you ship.

Centralized Examination Station

FCL Logistics is an established CBP (Customs Border Protection) CES (Centralized Examination Station), specializing in servicing the agricultural sector, since 2004. Our CES is responsible for fulfilling the needs of both CBP and the importer by providing a means to conduct examinations in an efficient and timely manner. As a CES, FCL provides the designated warehousing operation that is equipped to unload import containers or handle import cargo under the supervision of US Government personnel.

In addition to examinations, FCL Logistics offers seamless integration to a full array of import/export logistics services that include warehousing, transloading, cross docking, legalizing overweight cargo, reworking, and other value-added services.

CES Services

 Firms Code: W493

  • AQI, AMS, USDA, MET, FDA, AND FDA Refusal Examinations
  • Agriculture Examinations (AG/CBPa/AQI)
  • U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)
  • Trade Enforcement Examinations (MET)
  • Food and Drug Examinations/Samplings (FDA)
  • Fish & Wildlife Examinations (FWL)
  • CBP Bonded Warehouse Entries Warehouse # 160                      Firms Code: W034              
  • CBP CFS (Container Freight Station) Firms Code: W226
  • CBP Approved Manipulations/Destructions
  • Drawbacks/Notice to Remark
  • Top Handler/Container Flips
  • Truck Axle Scale

The FCL Advantage

  • Agricultural Sector Specialist
  • 4  Variable Temperature Controlled Examination Rooms
  • 111 Refrigerated Container Plug-ins
  • Transloading / Cross Docking / Palletizing
  • Legalizing Overweight Containers
  • Re-Export Services
  • Dray Services
  • 24/7 Container Pick Up / Delivery
  • Online Real Time Tracking System
  • Online Payment Options

Exam Rates

FCL II Warehouse

FCL II provides all or most of a company’s logistics operations, including warehousing, inventory management, consolidations, cross-docking, legalizing overweight loads, transportation, and many added value services. We offer experience, flexibility, and customization to meet each individual customer’s business requirements.

Our location near the Ports of Long Beach/Los Angeles and in the overweight corridor makes FCL II an ideal choice for our customers’ supply chain needs.

Warehousing Services

  • Transloading
  • Quick Cross-Docking
  • Legalize Overweight Loads
  • Short term storage
  • Palletizing/Shrink-wrap
  • Consolidation / Segregation
  • Export Loading – Block and Bracing
  • Vehicle Loading/Unloading
  • Legalize Axle Weight
  • USDA Inspections
  • Refrigerated Container Plug-Ins
  • Truck Axle Scale

The FCL Advantage

  • Over 100,000 square feet of warehouse
  • Inventory Control
  • Damage Inspection
  • Heavy Duty Equipment
  • Personalized Service
  • Special Warehouse projects
  • Online Payment Options
  • 24/7 Gate Hours
  • 24/7 Security






About Us

FCL Logistics was first established in 2001 as a cargo logistics provider.  In 2004, FCL Logistics saw specific agriculture examination needs and followed their sister company, Price Transfer, in becoming a C.B.P. (U.S. Customs and Border Protection) C.E.S (Centralized Examination Station).

FCL Logistics a C.E.S. specializes in the agricultural sector by combining an extensive knowledge of perishables with over 45,000 square feet of variable temperature controlled examination rooms within 195,000 square feet of warehouse examination space.

Our services include AQI, MET, USDA/AMS, FDA, and FDA Refusals exams, drawbacks, C.B.P. Approved Manipulations, C.B.P. Bonded Warehouse and C.B.P. C.F.S (Container Freight Station.) We also offer transloading services after the examination to further reduce time and additional cost for the customer.


FCL Logistics also operates a 100,000 square foot Public Warehouse, adjacent to our CES, that offers full service Logistics Operations with flexible and customized services to meet a variety of individual customer business requirements. The FCL II Public Warehouse provides all or most of our customer’s logistics needs, including warehousing, inventory management, consolidations, transloading, cross-docking, legalizing overweight loads, U.SD.A. inspections and key personalized services.

Both of our locations are near the Ports of Long Beach/Los Angeles and within the overweight corridor making FCL Logistics an ideal choice for our customer’s supply chain needs.

FCL Logistics strongly commits to operate as a true extension of our customer’s business and to support their objectives and mission by proven expertise and efficiency as a CES and third party logistics partner. We are dedicated to providing the best possible customer experience with professional and friendly customer service.


Contact Us



FCL Logistics (CES)
23011 S. Wilmington Blvd.
Carson, CA 90745
7am–5:00pm M-F

Flip Hours:

8am–5:00pm M-F

Truck Entrance:
1240 E. 230th St
Carson, CA 90745

Phone: 1-800-455-7420
Fax: 310-817-2735



FCL Logistics II Warehouse
1160 E Watson Center Road
Carson, CA 90745
8am–5:00pm M-F

Phone: 1-888-395-0187
Fax: 310-933-0976